Photographed the birth of baby Jackson, and it was beautiful…

On a rainy weekday, Kelsey was scheduled to be induced, she woke very early (although I”m sure she barely slept at all) and headed to Scott and White in Temple to deliver her baby boy. I met her there at 9am to document the day. I knew it would be a wonderful adventure, but I had no idea how moved I would be when I left that hospital. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever photographed (and for the curious people NO, there were not any graphic photos taken) I positioned myself at the headboard, behind Kelsey as she finally was ready to push and bring baby Jackson into the world, I photographed everything she saw, Her husband Dustin kissing her head sweetly and holding her hand. Her doctor smiling as she coached her through the pushes, and suddenly there he was, after almost a half hour. Jackson filled his lungs with air and screamed his first scream to announce his life to the world, and tears welled up in my eyes. I silently snapped away capturing all those once in a lifetime moments, as father touched his son for the first time, as Kelsey smiled at her achievement, it was thrilling. I went through the pictures and loved all of them, even the downtime shots of Kelsey standing in her room breathing through the contractions as the window light poured around her. If you are currently pregnant, and would like more information about birth photography, just call or email me!

-Jenna Mayfield



2 thoughts on “Photographed the birth of baby Jackson, and it was beautiful…

  1. The photos are absolutely beautiful, and they are something I will cherish for the rest of my life! Jen is wonderful, and having been through it all before she really was great support! The pictures capture memories I otherwise would have forgotten, like me starving and being on a liquid diet 🙂 or the news! She does a fantastic job of documenting every step of the process. They are wonderful I am so proud of them! Jen will never know how much I appreciate theses photos. Id encourage anyone to do it! 🙂

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