Hippity Hoppity…

Easter Bunny Sessions have to be one of the favorite promotion sessions that the kids have, they LOVE holding, petting and kissing the little bunnies. Our bunnies are pretty fond of the kids too, and it’s really amazing to see how good they act while posing with the kiddos. If you’ve been looking for a fun session to get the kids in for this is IT! Print pricing is 1/2 off, and that’s good, because you will want them all!! There are limited spaces available so call or email me asap to get your session down 😉


Jenna Mayfield

http://www.BrighamMayfield.com – 254.751.1340


2 thoughts on “Hippity Hoppity…

  1. Hi, I was wondering If I could get an estimate
    and the times you have available for Thursday
    or Friday of this week for bunny photos with a
    9month old. If I could hear from you ASAP
    I’d appreciate it. I only need 1 good picture,
    so if you have a limit I won’t waste ur time.
    Thank you so much.- Nikki

    • Hey Nikki! I am doing bunny sessions at Baby Wait maternity in Waco texas this Friday and Saturday, They have the schedule so you will need to phone them to book it 🙂 We don’t have a “limit” per say, the session Fee is $25 and Packages start at $50. Their number is (254) 732-5636 all the best,

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