It’s a NEW YEAR baby ;)

If you know me you know my FAVORITE subject to photograph is a newborn baby! They are so cuddly and perfect, and of course everything they do is adorable (even pooting, and who else can get away with that….) I also love to photograph newborns because I believe it so important to capture their newness, […]

Get your sexy back!

Attention Ladies! This is your chance to celebrate YOU! Just as you are, and you are gorgeous, just the way you are! Not only will you love your pictures (and so will your Hubby) but I guarantee you will have fun taking them!  It’s a chance to be truly glamorous for a day.  How many of […]

A little Spice for your Holidays!

Even though it’s not Christmas yet, it’s never too early to plan a gift for yourself. As women, we constantly tear ourselves down, this is your chance to let your glamorous side shine! Our “Get your Sexy on” boudoir sessions are up to an hour long sessions with Jenna Mayfield, that include a 5×5 in. leatherbound and […]

Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin!

It was my honor to photograph Kendall and Cody’s beautiful wedding this past weekend. The love shared between them is so inspiring, and surrounded by their friends and family they pledged their lives together on the 23rd of June at 5pm (which was also the anniversary of her parents and grandparents!)  Congratulations Kendall and Cody, […]

Daddy’s Arms…

There are few things as sweet as a Father holding his little baby, they grow so miraculously fast. Nasya and Chris came in to see us at the studio to capture this perfect little time in their son’s life, and I was honored to capture it for them 🙂 I LOVED this image, it says […]

Family Property…

There is something so remarkably comforting in the farming of crops, at least to me. Days pass into years and cycles ever change, the seed planted grows into a strong green plant, the harvesting, the bare cold fields so empty, are soon to be filled with budding life again. Such is it with life, children […]

Spring is here…

Flowers on the ground and Love in the Air! I just LOVE engagement sessions, it’s always fun capturing the love between two people. Kendall and Cody rocked their session with fun outfits and and a great attitude! I cannot wait to photograph your wedding 😉   -Jenna 254.751.1340  

Tiny Beauty

Little Kay came to visit me last weekend with her gorgeous Mommy and Daddy, I loved photographing their family and of course she was a perfect angel for her pictures. I know Marissa will always cherish these first portraits of her little girl, and the pictures have a little piece of my heart in them […]