Tiny Beauty

Little Kay came to visit me last weekend with her gorgeous Mommy and Daddy, I loved photographing their family and of course she was a perfect angel for her pictures. I know Marissa will always cherish these first portraits of her little girl, and the pictures have a little piece of my heart in them […]


Listen to the mustn’ts child Listen to the don’ts Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles and the won’ts Listen to the never haves Then listen close to me Anything can happen child Anything can be -Shel Silverstien I LOVE THAT POEM, and MOST Shel Silverstein poems, this one in particular always makes me think of […]

Sweetest Slumber..

Little Conrad was an Angel for his session! Out of all of the beautiful images we captured that day, this has to be my favorite! Starla picked out the CUTEST little hats for him, and we both discussed how hard it is to find cute baby BOY accessories for pictures. I love how the tassel […]

Little Man Tate is Growing Up!

One of the BEST parts of my job is watching my clients and friends kids grow up and documenting all those precious stages forever. Our good friend and AWESOME hair stylist in Waco, Nikki Gregory, came in with the whole family to photograph Tate yesterday, It was fun catching up with everyone, and the pictures […]

There are only a few things

as beautiful, as a woman pregnant. It’s easy for me to say that, because I’ve been pregnant, 3 TIMES!! lol I know when you’re entering your third trimester you feel like a whale, you hurt EVERYWHERE! I know about your swelling, and how your nose looks bigger than normal. And because I know all of […]

If you want to have a gorgeous smile….

Have a father who is an Orthodontist, look at these Taylor girls! GORGEOUS!! Dr. Taylor in Waco Texas sure does great work 🙂 -Jenna 254.751.1340

What Dreams may Come

All you Mommies out there know what I’m talking about when I say that you I LOVE to watch babies sleep! Especially newborns, they whine, and giggle and smile the biggest gummy smiles ever. It makes you wonder where their minds drift to as they sleep. You would think a brand new baby wouldn’t have […]

Sisters make the best of friends

When I was a little girl all I ever wanted was to have a sister! (Thanks a lot mom….) Just kidding 😉 sort of… I did get two wonderful brothers that I love dearly, and a few friends that are LIKE sisters to me. But alas, that special bond that I hear others talk about […]

Photographed the birth of baby Jackson, and it was beautiful…

On a rainy weekday, Kelsey was scheduled to be induced, she woke very early (although I”m sure she barely slept at all) and headed to Scott and White in Temple to deliver her baby boy. I met her there at 9am to document the day. I knew it would be a wonderful adventure, but I […]

Sommer & Autumn

Little Autumn was just as beautiful as I expected. Doesn’t she just look like a little model? Her Momma is gorgous and it’s no surprise this little girl photographed just as good! I can’t wait to see her grow over this next year, it’s my favorite part of my job 🙂 -Jenna 254.751.1340