It’s a NEW YEAR baby ;)

If you know me you know my FAVORITE subject to photograph is a newborn baby! They are so cuddly and perfect, and of course everything they do is adorable (even pooting, and who else can get away with that….) I also love to photograph newborns because I believe it so important to capture their newness, […]

Daddy’s Arms…

There are few things as sweet as a Father holding his little baby, they grow so miraculously fast. Nasya and Chris came in to see us at the studio to capture this perfect little time in their son’s life, and I was honored to capture it for them 🙂 I LOVED this image, it says […]

Welcome Little One…

Little Yandel made his entrance into the world right into some of the most loving hands I’ve ever met. It was such a gift to cover his first day on earth, I loved photographing pictures with Grandma and Grandpa, and Mom and Dad, beautiful moments with a wonderful family! Congratulations Holly and Pete! XO Jenna […]

Emma = The CUTENESS factor..

  Oh how I love to see Ms. Emma in the studio! I have seen this little girl grow and photographed her from the time she was about 6 weeks old.  She always makes me laugh with her silly faces and adorable smile. Brigham never ceases to amaze me with his portraits of children, and […]

Simply gorgeous…

Now, he is a little boy, so he might not be so keen on me calling him gorgeous 13 years from now, but hey! What else could you say about that face? For 6 weeks old I was amazed that baby Pete, “Dos, as he’s lovingly nicknamed”  slept and posed as wonderful as he did. […]

Why It’s so important To Hire a Professional

  As we all know, the advent of digital photography has led to a saturation of the photography industry, it is filled with individuals thinking they’re photographers; more people are trying to do-it-yourself every day. The result is more people taking bad pictures than ever before! We get calls on a weekly basis from new […]

In Daddy’s Hands

  I have a very special place in my heart for this little baby. When I first met his mother she called me about maternity pictures and was very upset, she had been somewhere else for pictures and had a horrible experience. I reassured her that I would do everything possible to make her experience […]

Sweetest Slumber..

Little Conrad was an Angel for his session! Out of all of the beautiful images we captured that day, this has to be my favorite! Starla picked out the CUTEST little hats for him, and we both discussed how hard it is to find cute baby BOY accessories for pictures. I love how the tassel […]

Little Man Tate is Growing Up!

One of the BEST parts of my job is watching my clients and friends kids grow up and documenting all those precious stages forever. Our good friend and AWESOME hair stylist in Waco, Nikki Gregory, came in with the whole family to photograph Tate yesterday, It was fun catching up with everyone, and the pictures […]

There are only a few things

as beautiful, as a woman pregnant. It’s easy for me to say that, because I’ve been pregnant, 3 TIMES!! lol I know when you’re entering your third trimester you feel like a whale, you hurt EVERYWHERE! I know about your swelling, and how your nose looks bigger than normal. And because I know all of […]