It’s a NEW YEAR baby ;)

If you know me you know my FAVORITE subject to photograph is a newborn baby! They are so cuddly and perfect, and of course everything they do is adorable (even pooting, and who else can get away with that….) I also love to photograph newborns because I believe it so important to capture their newness, […]

Tiny Beauty

Little Kay came to visit me last weekend with her gorgeous Mommy and Daddy, I loved photographing their family and of course she was a perfect angel for her pictures. I know Marissa will always cherish these first portraits of her little girl, and the pictures have a little piece of my heart in them […]

Hot Momma!

Even though I myself felt like a WHALE when I was pregnant, (ok maybe more like a manatee) I think nothing is more beautiful than a pregnant woman glowing and making a tiny little baby, I love to photograph them, and even though many times they are reluctant in the beginning they LOVE the result! […]